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Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions of JobAapka Website

Terms & Conditions:

The registrant/visitor of Job Aapka website as a Jobseeker or an Employer or any other party, is liable to use the site as per the below agreement.



The website is a job portal meant to be used by the authorized and registered Employers/Recruiters/Human Resource/Consultants and any other parties which are in the power of providing employment to the deserving candidate or jobseeker in mutual agreement with acceptance of  the conditions of employment by both the parties involved in the same.

Jobseekers/Candidates and any other suitable people searching for jobs should be expressing their genuine intent in the jobs they are applying for and must use the website for job search and all other related activities only.



The Job Aapka website, brand ,logo, trademark and all of its related content,  are whole and sole Intellectual property of Job Aapka and should not be misused for any personal gains or any kind of fraudulent activities or anything which is not represented explicitly or not permitted by Job Aapka or any of its Partner and Sister Concerns.



All Concerned users should be providing their authentic and right information for using the portal.All registered information will be monitored periodically, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the particular registrant.

All Job Aapka Services should be used in the manner they are prescribed to be used and not in any way other than that. Any mishandling/violating of the website norms or manipulations of any kind will be strictly dealt with according to the law and the concerned party will be liable to pay the company charges for the damages done, if any.



Payment made by the Respective Registrant on the Job Aapka Portal won’t be  refunded under following conditions a),b) and c) -

a) The Employer/Jobseeker has already started to avail the services and is of the opinion that he or she is not getting the responses for the employment or hiring services or from any other services provided by the portal before or till the time the service expires.

b) We rightfully, in the authority of Job Aapka website, find that the services provided have been giving the required results in terms of the Objectives for the Employer/Jobseeker or any other party in the same stature or have been satisfying and fulfilling in terms of the deliverables from Job Aapka in the stipulated period of time, which is already pre decided and mentioned on the website while signing up for the services.

c) Any unlawful and illegal measures taken by the Registrants for the purpose of  compelling Job Aapka for refund of the respective amount even after condition a) and condition b) are found to fulfil the criteria for no refund

d) With exception to above conditions a).b) and c),the full or the partial refund of the amount paid by the Concerned Party is subject to situation and a decision on the same will be taken in mutual consensus of the Party involved and Job Aapka and accordingly the further course of action will be taken

e)Job Aapka, rightfully, on finding out that the services provided to the Party  seeking to use the site, have not really helped in achieving the objectives or have not met the goals of the Respective Party or have not been effective in providing the deliverables in the stipulated time or in any other kind have not been up to the standards pre decided by Job Aapka, then in such a scenario, we will provide the extension of the services as the need be to the Respective Party

f) Except for condition e) above,any demand or any measures taken by the Concerned Party to extend their services won’t be eligible for any more time or grace time period to extend their services



Any Efforts or any activity undertaken by anyone, who is part of the Job Aapka site or not, but any such effort or activity is deemed to be illegal or unlawful or believed to be of scrupulous or fraudulent nature or is seeming to have the objective of tarnishing Job Aapka or any of its related properties, copyrights and owned trademarks, then strict legal action will be taken against such an Individual/Party/Organization and compensation for the same will be liable to be paid by any such Individual/Party/Organization who is found to be at fault or is deemed to be of harmful nature for Job Aapka or any of its related properties, copyrights and owned trademarks.



Job Aapka reserves the rights and authority to change or update its terms and conditions whenever and wherever it is found necessary to do so. Hence, all the concerned parties are requested to check the same periodically to know about the changes or update if any.



The Privacy Policy of Job Aapka, is a part of its Terms and Conditions and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions also expresses the intent of the Party to abide by any such policy which is for the purpose of safety and security of the Party accepting the Terms and Conditions of Job Aapka Website.


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