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Privacy Policy

This page details about the Privacy Policy for Job Aapka as follows -



The Privacy Policy of Job Aapka, is a part of its Terms and Conditions and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions also expresses the intent of the Party to abide by any such policy which is for the purpose of safety and security of the Party accepting the Terms and Conditions of Job Aapka Website.

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The user of the website/job portal is strictly prohibited to use the website in any manner that leads to breaking of the respective laws of the particular region as well as infringement of any of the cyber laws which prevent defaming the website through any kind of misinformation online, pornography, harassment through internet and all other activities which are not vouched or promoted by .



We collect information that we receive when you visit our site or provide any data to us as a part of our registration process or when you register on our website. This information comes to us in a secured and encrypted manner. This data is used by us to communicate with you as well as provide you with the services that you have signed up for.



We strictly follow all norms to ensure that the data or any of your information we receive from you stays safe and secured and doesn’t get into any wrong hands. We have all the apt measures in place to ensure the same as we are very serious in safeguarding the information of all the people who visit the website.

As a part of our work and to ensure that we stay in sync with your profile and interests, we have association with the trustworthy and credible third party apps, tools and network which will use your information to show you ads and promotions based on your profile and interests.

There is an agreement with these third parties for using your information and data only for genuine advertising and relevant promotional purpose and not for any other misleading or spam activities. In case of any breach of conduct by them, you can let us know or you can directly write to the advertiser as well or get the contact details of the advertiser from us to raise the necessary complaint as well.



We interact with all Concerned parties through various mode of communication irrespective of these parties are Job Aapka registrants or not. This communication can be in form of advertising and promotions through different channels like email, WhatsApp, SMS, Paid advertisements on 3rd party tools like Google Ads, Facebook advertising and Linkedin Sponsored ads.



The Respective Party should keep all of the information and data related to Job Aapka, private and confidential from its potential competitors and any other such individuals and  organizations, who aim, to partially or fully, copy or mimic  the Job Aapka content/strategy/pricing or any other aspect related to Job Aapka for their own interests or gains or in any other manner which is deemed to be unsuitable and detrimental for Job Aapka in any kind or form.



If at any point of time, a particular party, registered or not on the Job Aapka  website is found to be not complying with our privacy policy or in any manner, found to be unethically and immorally working against the interests of Job Aapka and having the concrete proof or evidence for the same, which is deemed to be found suitable, Job Aapka is in the position of taking strict legal action against such a party which is at fault or deemed to be at fault.



Job Aapka reserves the rights and authority to change or update its privacy policy whenever and wherever it is found necessary to do so. Hence, all the concerned parties are requested to check the same periodically to know about the changes or update if any.